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About Us

G'Day & Welcome to Tessi-Shop Australia - we're so glad that you're here!

We as Tesla Drivers know the problem. We want to individualise our Tesla to make everyday driving even more pleasurable and its design even better.

But It's hard to find high-quality Tesla aftersales parts. You either have to wait a long time when ordering them directly from the original US Tesla store or don't have a guarantee that the ordered products are premium & perfectly fit your 'Tessi'.

That's why we have launched Tessi-Supply-Germany back in 2019 and since then successfully served over 1000+ Tesla drivers throughout Europe.

All with the Mission to equip your Tesla with high quality products, competitive prices whilst offering top-notch customer service. We test all offered products to ensure first-class quality standards are maintained.

In 2019 we permanently moved to Sydney Australia and fell in love with the 'Aussie way of living'. To continue our success story we've decided to start Tessi-Shop-Australia in 2020 and help Australian Tesla Drivers to make most out of their 'Tessis'.

Thanks again for stopping by our shop & trusting us with the individualisation of your Tesla!

If you have any questions about our product, your order or are not fully satisfied with something - please send us an email and we will find a solution within 24h:

- Philipp (Founder)