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Screen Protector Anti-Glare 15" - Model 3
Screen Protector Anti-Glare 15" - Model 3

Screen Protector Anti-Glare 15" - Model 3

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DescriptionProtect your sensitive 15 inch Model 3 Screen with this premium Screen Protector. It's ultra thin, lightly crafted and allows perfect touch sensitivity.

This protector is made out of reinforced glass for twice as much strength (compared to non-tempered alternatives) and effective resistance against scratches.

With its matte Anti-Glare finish it removes reflections from sun light when you're driving and makes it easy to clearly see the monitor display - in every situation.

Parts: 1 Screen Protector

Fit: Tesla Model 3 

Material: Reinforced Glass

Colour: Transparent Anti-Glare

Installation Notes:

1. Wipe the screen clean with alcohol cloth and dust cloth.
2. Aligned position and tear glass protection film.
3. Drawing line quickly on the glass with your fingers along the midline of glass from top to bottom, in order to remove the bubble between the glass and touch screen.
4. If there is a very few bubbles during installation, is normal, by way of pressing, push the bubble to the edge of glass, thereby removing bubbles.